Like Svarga, I haven’t been to one of the most compelling visual treats that Straylight is for a long time. Straylight too has adapted well to the WindLight rendering process. Straylight has grown a lot! The last time I was there only the middle island and one corner was landscaped and developed. The whole sim is now complete and features several unique environments.

Upon arrival it looked like a tropical forest:

(I used the “Incongruent Truth” preset)

Straylight arrival

A snowy mountain with a frozen lake sits next to a series of volcanic fissures:
Strayligh fire & ice

More below the fold:

There’s also a foggy glen which I enhanced with the foggy sky preset and later added some “glow” in post processing:
Straylight foggy glen

The low fog clinging to the ground is of course a textured,phantom prim much like the beams of sunlight found elsewhere in the sim. It can play havoc with the cam, but you can get some odd shots that turn out good:
Straylight foggy glen 2

This one begs the an FD Flickr toy treatment or the inclusion of a calendar 🙂

Full sized pics can be found here in this Zooomr set.


Update: here’s my poster!