It his been quite a while since I’ve been to Svarga, at least not before the advent of WindLight. Many people worried that all the specially designed textures would not hold up well to the harsh light WindLight provides. I can safely say that the sim of Svarga looks fine in the default setting and in some ways looks better.

I was immediately impressed at my arrival:
Svarga entrance

I swim to shore:
Svarga swim to shore

more below the fold:

The island shimmers and the colors are vibrant, but the texture on the dome seems a bit off. Perhaps it is my settings:
Svarga from the top

Of course no tour of Svarga would be complete without the bluebell meadow:
Svarga bluebells
Svarga bluebells-2

So if you feared that WindLight would ruin Svarga you need not worry too much. It is a little different, but to my eyes it looks a bit better.
Svarga sunset

P.S. Since Flickr decided to chop reduce the original resolution of the pics you can see them in Zooomr in their original widescreen glory 1680×981 resolution.