Vivo Mall and Happy New Year!

The mainland can be an ugly place and a beautiful place. Where the Lindens control it or where somebody has acquired an entire sim it can look gorgeous. The more fragmented sims can be downright ugly and garish. However in the newer landmasses to the east of the old land there are some true gems. I had purchased the HUD for a Flying Fizz sailboat and found a landmark for a marina I’ve never heard of. The name of the sim “Horrorbag” put me off for a bit, but I teleported over to see. I must say the large mall I found was quite lovely indeed!

The center is a lovely glass dance floor that allows you to look down into the water:
The Vivo mall

(Yes, that’s me in a white skin 🙂

Here are some lovely aerial shots:
Vivo Mall

Slips can be berthed here for a good price. They claim they have access to over 25 watery sims.
Vivo Mall-2

New Years party below the fold:

I had a wonderful time DJing with Rav at the party in Hukilau Island:
New Years Eve DJing

Had some yummy cake too & tried a few experimental shots:

mmm cakeFade into light


Zooomr set here: