The old saw goes that the mainland sucks, it’s ugly, and it is not vehicle friendly. In many instances it is a laggy eyesore but it is a fascinating place as well with unique builds and features. The idea for a van ride came to me when Rav dropped a copy of the KONA Radio van into my inventory! Yipeee!!! A late Christmas present! I had visions of installing a few more seats and cruising around with friends. It was for naught though 😦 . I removed a few unnecessary turn lights and plunked in a couple of 1 prim chairs but I ended up sinking right through the pier or sinking into the Linden roads. Sigh, oh well I can try a bit later on. In the meantime I hit the roads and began a bit of exploring

I found a rather interesting place called Park and Ride.The main feature is a road map of the central continent with the points of interest marked on it. Parked next to the map there were a free to copy bus and bicycles. You people who live nearby know about this, I saw several buses lying on the side of the road further down the track:
Park and Ride
Park and Ride-2

The travel got a little dicey as I experienced rebooting sims in and near my path. I often encountered popup messages stating the server I had entered was of a different version than the one I had just left. Is this an implementation of the HET grid? While waiting for a sim to come back online I snapped this aerial dwelling:
Something in the air

Very steam-punkish and befitting of Caledon.

The Arcata sim was like hitting a wall of bricks. As soon as I crossed it returned my van and said that the sim was full to capacity. How could that happen? Doesn’t the road network have it’s own allowance for prims?
out of gas in Arcata

I walked the rest of the way across Arcata and re-rezzed my van. As it was getting dark and the rolling restarts were still checker boarding my path I decided to call it quits:
moving right along

Not a bad trip overall. The physics were good and the lag was very low. Unlike Edloe where a crazy maniac likes to play with the gravity switch!
A Wiley Coyote Moment