Holiday’s Modern Yachts


One of the sponsors for KONA Radio is Brookston Holiday. Brookston is very well known for his line of large live aboard yachts. In 2007 he left the mainland and purchased his own island, Holiday Island. There he constructs and displays his vessels:
Holiday's Modern Yachts
Holiday Island

His ships in recent months have been getting MUCH larger, like the black sail yacht in the middle, the Celadon the next few shots will give you an idea how big it is:

on the bow

The 100 meter mast is nearly as tall as the boat is long:
Way up the mast-2
Way up the mast

All that climbing and you’ll need to cool off!:
in the yacht pool

On the other side of the island Brookston has a small shipyard where he builds his new vessels:
Holiday's Modern Yachts Shipyard

There’s yachts of all sizes, sailing vessels, motor boats and even furniture to furnish your home on the water.

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