A Splash Of Color – Installment 1

Color abounds in Second Life, but where to start? The obvious choice is clothing. Our adornment in SL takes many styles and forms. Easily the most apparent is the element of color. One of my favorite clothes designers in SL is Bossa Nova. The designs are retro, cut well and pleasing to the eye. The colors especially are very appealing in their crispness and simplicity:
Skye joins me and LaDonna
A world of Colors at Grizzy's Cafe

That’s me and Ladonna at Grizzy’s Cafe on retro night. Skye is the lovely gal on the far right.

Even when you strip the colors away the patterns and shades help convey the mood of the clothing:
Bossa Nova workout

While in Second Life I encourage you to add a lot of color. Lord knows the real world can be drab at times. Let SL be your visual refuge!

Zooomr set here