When Sezmra cames back to SL she did it in a BIG way! TO reward her loyal customers and generate a little publicity for her product line she had a 6 hour sale in her sim. For 6 hours ALL of her skins, male and female were only $1L!!!! In-Freaking-Credible!!!! What’s a female avatar to do? I must have picked up at least 50 skins today. I even got Rav in on the action and he picked up several male skins. The ;ag was terrible as the sim was at capacity and it took a long time to get in, but it was worth it. First lets see how Rav looks in a new and different skin:
Rav the handsome brutha!
Barrack eat your heart out

All I can say is Barrack Obama eat your heart out! My skin? Oh this is a “Cinnamon – Scarlet” Same makeup as my regular Espresso skin which explains why I look pretty much as I usually do, only lighter. I must say that my Nora skins really define my looks. It’s not the color, but the makeups, shading and the detail that give the Nora skins I wear the character that defines my looks.

Below the fold are some very colorful avatars from this nights party in Metamorphosis:

A Study in contrast 🙂
LaDonna the Mermaid
Dana the Mermaid

Adam and Eve!

Adam and Eve
Breezes the mermaid

Zooomr Set here: