A Few faces -1


The pictures are piling up so I must post. But what I wonder will be my subject? I can’t just do a hodge podge. Ahhhh, faces! I’ve seen quite a few of them this week that were memorable. Somehow on Wednesday I got an invite or LM to come over to Clockwork in Topgol to hear Garret spin some tunes. I hadn’t been there since the blogger party back in August (sheesh, that long ago??). The tunes were great and I finally got to meet the new blogger, Chestnut Rau.
Chestnut Rau at Clockwork roof

Last night I was with Rav at the Metamorphosis club and my friend Starshine Halasy showed up. I remember meeting her at a concert in Caribbean Breezes and she had that god-awful Linden skin on her. If you think a white noob skin is awful, try it when you slide the shaders to the darker tones! Yikes!!! I had recently upgraded to the Nora skin so I gave her my EnvyYou skin. Not perfect, but better. Later on she bought herself a Nora skin as you see below. She is one of the few black avatars that make the effort to look “African”. Afro, skin, and facial features all combined to make her look like someone from say, Kenya or Tanzania.:
Starshine Halasy

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I hate to bust on a Paisley Beebe fan but she is a bit of eye catcher. She was only a few days old but she did have some creative flair in how she presented herself. Sadly she declined my landmark to “Another Skin” for some free skins. :
A crazy noob

This next person needs a hug, bad. Appearance wise she is attractive except for one thing. She’s scowling 😦 . Come on Dil, smile!
Dildo Spitz,please smile

Other pics in the set:
Sunset dancing at Clockwork in TopgolMetamorphosis version 6Metamorphosis version 6 -2Ridem cowgirlDixie and Lisbet

Oh, a gratuitous bikini shot! Yes Myg, you are correct. Noobs in tuxedos are for the most part pervs. We had one show up at the beach party at Grizzy’s. He got shown the door quickly, thank goodness! Too quick for me to take a shot, but why waste the pixels.
Beach nite at Grizzy's


Zooomr set here: http://www.zooomr.com/photos/gospeedracer/sets/27792/view-blog/