Saturday was a day to explore and hit a big sale or two. Well I finally braved Last Call and made it in and bought 3 outfits. Seems there is a theme to LC outfits, cleavage! Well what better way to show off the assets then:
exhuasted after the Last Call trip

I caught up with Rav and we listened to Charles Coleman at the Triumph venue:

Charles Coleman at Triumph

….and had a little dance:
My nickname should be Snickers

I then took a little trip over to Topgol to see if there was a party. Seeing none I got a bite to eat:
late night meal at Topgol
ugg, the sausage was kinda primmy tasting.

Towards the end of the evening I spoke with LaDonna Upshaw. Seems she had a very crappy evening, see this post: What a stupid creep that Carter was! I certainly hope I did not overstay my welcome! if this picture is any indication! :
She won't go home


Zooomr set here: