When I logged in this evening I saw that Razzap had a nice evening of entertainment planned at his Blakslee sim. I arrive a bit early and am surprised to see Crap Mariner docked near the Yaks Club in his big airship. Seeing as how the show was not going to start for another 15 minutes I decided to have a quick ride.
Hitching a ride

I’ve seen Crap look a lot better. Nearest I can compare her too is the robot from Metropolis.
Crap the pilot

And Elvis Faust my fellow passenger? Well, um, he still needs pants.
Elvis Faust

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We travled up and down the Blakslee-Nowhereville-Edloe circuit several times until Crap had some sort of hydraulic failure and crashed hard. We spun perilously in a death spiral slamming into the ground at the base of the tower:
Spinning out of control

Rather smartly I must note is that Crap’s balloon is helium filled, but Elvis is methane powered and the flames were ferocious! Oh the humanity!:
On fire!

A quick dunk in the duck pond extinguishes us but Elvis still has a gas problem. Hey bend over Elvis! I have a cure for you!
Shooting Elvis

Oddly enough the ducks disappear entirely into Elvis and I just give up. Crap will be here soon and she can deal with it. Hey Elvis, go have a seat! I promise Chairy don’t bite 🙂
Elvis crashes on Chairy