OMG! They killed Chestnut!, originally uploaded by GoSpeed_Racer.

What a way to end the night. I had finished my first DJ gig at Clockwork and stuck around for Esteban’s set when tradgedy struck (cue dramatic music). My good friend Chestnut displayed very poor judgment by tucking her chopsticks into her belt prior to dancing. There are conflicting reports on what exactly happened. Jelly swears I pushed her. Liar!!! I was stooped over tying my shoe when Chestnut blunders into me, honestly!

God it was horrible, blood was everywhere. Poor Myg was in shock. The laughter we shared ealier as we dispatched a griefer was completley forgotten…. (cue the song “Taps”).

OK Ches, you can take the “Collider death” attachment off. Really, jokes over and we had a good laugh. Ches?….Ches??? OMG! They Killed Chestnut!