It’s a common theme repeated by many bloggers in the SL sphere that dark skinned avatars are rare. It has been pretty true in my own observations to date, but they are becoming more common place. I’d like to think I had some small part in that:) . Last March I made the switch from a white Bare Rose skin to an Envy You quickly followed by a NORA Skin. My face became public by participating in a syndicated blog and starting a pool in Flickr dedicated to dark skins. Well, if you’re white in RL why bother? Hmmm, I’m not on some crusade or anything, but I enjoy being different and unique. Not unique in the oddball, rebel kind of way but just doing my own thing and enjoying it.

One of my accomplishments I am proud of is the Flickr Pool I specifically created called SL – Ebony  . Recently we passed the 1,000 pictures milestone and yesterday we passed the 100 member mark and are sitting at 104 members. No doubt by the time you read this it will grow higher!

I’d like to thank Steve Venkman for his support , Khitten Kurka for being there in the beginning and helping me get it off the ground, and Charity Richez for scouring the feeds looking for good candidates to add to the pool. If you’re a Flickr user please check out the pool and please do read the rules before submitting as I do police it for inappropriate content.