This past weeks saw a few interesting images fly past my screen that I managed to snag:

1) Restarting sims.Grrrr, pain in the butt but the gaping hole they leave reveals the underpinnings of the SL world.

Topgol is scooped up by the Borg!
Topgol is rebooted
In the middle of Paisley Beebe’s show at Sailors Cove first one side then the other restarts but the show carried on.
Sailors Cove is rebooted

2) Freaky avatars: Mr Bean aka Rowan Atkinson
Mr Bean

More Below the Fold. Come on, click the link. There are sexy pics following. I promise!

Alex Burgess has strange powers. Do not make him angry. ‘Nuff sed.
Alex is Blinded by the Light

Romana and Veryon. Let the pictures speak for themselves.
Romana and Veryon

3) Rediscovering Gardens of Bliss. Wow, not only WindLight but a whole slew of additions and reworked void sims.
Bliss Gardens 4
This pic makes me hungry for Skittles!
Bliss Gardens 6

Be sure to join me Wednesday night as I host two hours of good time Rock ‘n’ Roll at Clockwork in Topgol from 5-7pm SLT.