This past week was a little up and a little down. I faced insult, RL illness, optical deviance and an attack by cloth eating moths but came out on top. The bad, let’s just say I got over it and that karma is a bitch and I want my karma to be positive 🙂 . The case of the flu I have will take a bit of rest and medicine to subdue but I’ll prevail eventually.

In SL I was stricken by the crossed eye syndrome and was quick enough to snap a picture:
Crazy eyed


My second gig at Clockwork was a lot more successful. Thanks go to all my good friends who showed up to give me support!
DJ GoSpeed
On the console at Clockwork

I also snapped this priceless pic of Mygdala March: (below the fold)
Also my Mardi Gras pic after the moths got my clothes. I swear!

The Saintly Mygdala

Did I ever say I was short on beaded necklaces?
Mardi Gras