Hi there! I have some nice images for my readers today 🙂 !!!

As many of you know change is inevitable and when are absent for a while and then come back you’ll notice many changes big and small. SLNE was a place I originally called home last year and I was part of the exodus during the upheavals last spring. Sniff, yeah, sad stuff it was 😦 . Anyhoo in a recent visit I decided to check the peripheral regions and found this:

A cool mermaid statue called “The Ascent”
The Ascent 1

… and this rainstorm in the Gloucester sim:
Rainstorm in Gloucester

Having personal help when you arrive in SL is something few of us experienced. We all got by on the kindness of strangers and by learning stuff the hard way. But every now and again you meet a day old noob who looks like this:
Leanna Eames
Leanna was brought to SL by her RL friends who did a great job in fixing her up with a nice skin, eyes, and clothes.

Animal AVs by and large are kinda goofy looking. Not that human AVs are perfect either, but the textures and prim attachments tend to be mediocre leading to a rather “hokey” appearance. But last night I saw this cute little monkey!!! :

Who brought the monkey to Fyrm's show?

Maybe it’s because it is similar in form to a human AV that the effect is more convincing.
Monkies love music

I leave you with a gratuitous pic of me and my friend Abella 🙂
Abella and me at Fyrm's show2