One of the great things about SL is the opportunity to meet new people and make friends with them. One such gem for me is MichelleD Ecksol who is a new music artist to make her mark in SL. I first met MichelleD via Jane2 McMahon who sent her to me because MichelleD needed help setting up her shoutcast stream. I can’t say I solved her problem that instant but we hit it off pretty good. I must say Michelle a bright and funny person. I can see why Crap Mariner dragged her and her hubby Scott into SL. Actually Scott isn’t quite in SL yet as he hasn’t been bitten by the bug yet so for now she puts out a cardboard cutout of him.
MichelleD Eckhols and Scott at the clocktower in Edloe

One thing you got to know about MichelleD. She’s got a healthy appettite:
MichelleD Eckols is chowing down

Sadly she has problems digesting the broccoli:
Chestnut, MichelleD and GoSpeed

Needing a breath of fresh air I took a little trip to Trudeau Cay (KONA Radio plays there 🙂 )
Sunset at Trudeau Cay

I took my Zinnemann40 out for a sail around the waters south of Hollywood (Hollywood is too laggy nowadays) but I kept crashing. 😦 Sim crossing were pretty bad and not only did it make me crash but it made for some funny effects like this:
Invisible boat OR Comet Zinnemann ???

The split second I took the pic the boat and my hair vanished. You can see the particle smoke that emanates from the top of the mast. It sort of looks like a comet by the moon!

I did come across Jacqueline Trudeau testing a new sailboat of hers. I’d love to show you but it too de-rezzed right before I took the pic. It was hilarious as we both shared a Wiley Coyote moment suspended over the water:
Jacqueline, I am afraid to look down

And now for a gratuitous closeup as I close this post 🙂
off to the side