Ever get the feeling that you are floating on air?
Jacqueline, I am afraid to look down

Was it a cigar spiked with wacky tobacky?
Oh Danny Boy the pipes are piping

Maybe visiting with the gang will calm and center you.
Sailors Cove crew
Some good tunes may relax you.
GoSpeed the DJ

My friend LaDonna recommends bananas. Hmm, seems she is pushing the melons too:
Fruit salad is sexy!

more below the fold….

Sometimes a sunset sail on peaceful waters does the trick.
Fishers Island Sunset

Or hanging out with a good friend

Takin over the station with Ginger
Ginger getting funky at KONA
Maybe a Travolta movie??? nawww
Kiwiwdude looks like John Travolta

Ahhhh, here we go. Pianos and sex. How can you beat that?
Heath and Diana at Aroha Tahi