After posting my article on the SS Galaxy I received a notice from Marta Jamberoo about an Easter Egg hunt on her island. Marta makes a lot of silks and “warrior” girl outfits and one of the eggs contained a very skimpy, sexy native warrior girl outfit. I put it on and was instantly motivated to go out and shoot a few shots. First off was Laguna Beach:
On the beach 1
On the beach 3

The place was filled with creepy horndogs who kept IMing me”hey baby, you are sexy”…. blehhh.

I recalled in my travels that Louis Volare had his own sim, right next to Hathead Rickenbacker. I TPed over and decided on the Moroccan style villa.
Landon Sim 1
Much nicer. No crowds and a nice landscape.
Landon Sim 2
Landon Sim 3

I recall that at Marta’s store I did find one of the special golden eggs. I am guessing it is a silk outfit but I am little afraid to wear it. It is all prims! They’ll take a bit of work to cover me and lordy, you do not TP or log out with those on. When you arrive at a place your prims can often be the last things to rez!!!