The other night I had the pleasure to see Heath Elvehjem perform at the September Rain sim. Oh my was I ever surprised! Tsk Tsk Alexandria , you should have invited me over sooner 🙂 . The sim is a tropical paradise with large trees, glorious waterfalls and lots of nature sounds. You arrive near the west side of the island and can either go into the small village or go towards the main valley where the artist perform.

Here is the village :
September Rain 1

This is one of the many waterfalls and pools:
September Rain 2

This is the main valley. Uggg I just hate it when dance balls and pose can’t be hidden by the “/1 hide” or similar command.
September Rain 3

Ooooh, whats this?!?!
September Rain 4
A cave!
September Rain 5
September Rain 6

Say Hello to my “little” friend!
September Rain 7