Thanks everyone for your input! After careful consideration I decided on the second one:
My official Portrait

Thanks Loki!

I owe a lot to Sezmra Svarog for how I look. She makes the best ebony skins in all of Second Life. Sezmra is moving from her private island of Sonata to a new location. If you are looking to buy a used island then please read her post here. Her new store is already open and can be found here:
Nora's new store

Ha ha! I finally get one of those funny R and TM doo-hickies to wear (Thanks Crap)!
Trademark this!
Trademark this!!!

Last night I was supposed to DJ at the Extra Innings Pub but SL decided to crap out big time. Darn those asshat servers! My 2 hour set was only 40 minutes since I could not log in at all. Fortunately Rav got on the mic and explained the troubles and even read from the LL blog. Oh well, how soon we forget the bad ole days of 2006 when the grid would close a lot.
Ravishal and GoSpeed