It was a late night indeed as I waited to hear if I had made the cut. I arrived early at event location at 8PM SLT and patiently waited for it to begin:
Miss SL Ebony Round 1 -1
I also had the pleasure of meeting Keely from Flickr :
Keely ETD

After a slight delay we sat down around the stage. At this point the mainland sim we were on filled to capacity! Yikes, now that Havok 4 is out won’t they boost that limit from 40 to something higher?
Miss SL Ebony Round 1 -2
My poor friend Khitten could not get back in! Wisely it was decided to move to a private island and somehow we all managed to pile into the sim.
Miss SL Ebony Round 1 -5

Now what happened next was a bit disconcerting to me. They began to go through the applicants alphabetically and give them a thumbs up or thumbs down. Some were publicly questioned on their applications in a manner that made me squirm a little bit. I dunno, maybe it should have been done in private. Of course this is SL and maybe they sought to recreate some of the drama that is present in RL pageants. πŸ™‚ It did add to the tension and excitement for the night.
Miss SL Ebony Round 1 -6

Did I make it??? YES!!!!!!! Without any additional comment it was announced I was selected! YAY! Oy Vey!, after 3 hours of waiting I was exhausted and had to crash into my warm, soft bed.

Here is the full list of people who made it to the next round:

I’d like to give Celebrity Trollop a shoutout! Not only did she look gorgy, but she handled herself very well under scrutiny. A class act! πŸ™‚

Also I would like to thank Sezmra Svarog of NORA Skins. She came by earlier in the event to wish me well. Thanks Sez! I really appreciate it! Mauh!