The title of the post should sound familiar to Sci-Fi fans as a story from Harlan Ellison. It is very appropriate for how I feel right now. Things happen in RL and SL that one simply cannot talk about. But sometimes you need to find release somewhere. At best I can muster is a silent scream.
I have no mouth and I must scream

The betrayal was deep, profound, and all encompassing. Without remorse and with surgical precision I was traumatized, exiled, smeared, and my contributions erased. A knife was placed to my throat and on the throats of my close friends. Many just shrugged and looked away. Some clammed up for fear they would get the knife. Others danced on our graves, delighting in our misfortune. A very small few defended us in words and deeds and they will never be forgotten. For many reasons I simply cannot talk about it. I must endure the screams, the rage, despair, sadness, and my loss in complete silence.

My life has been dismantled and I must find a way to repair it. I have lost faith in so many people, been disappointed by their actions and words. I am not an empty shell. Inside my avatar is my heart and my soul. But sadly there are many out there who are empty inside, without a soul or an ounce of decency. Somehow I will find a way through this. I will endure and survive. Hardened, careful, and scarred. But my avatar will not show this. You will see this and not see the pain.
My mask I wear