With today’s date of 4/20 I can expect a lot of wackiness at the blogger party hosted by Tymmerie Throne. I really enjoy reading her blog because she is very smart and her sense of humor is very keen 🙂 . I will definitely be there even with this cold I am coming down with, blecch. I hate springtime colds 😛 . I see we are supposed to dress up in a costume, hmmmm, I wanted to come in a short little, cheeky outfit like this:
Will the Bloggers like this outfit ?

Could I come as a Brazilian cutie???

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure to see Sting Rhode perform at the Romantic Yacht Club (not a sailing group, social stuff). He plays caribbean music via a keyboard and the steel drums from his studio in Barbados. When he plays you just gotta get up and dance! I dragged Rav over to dance and managed to capture some video. I’ll try to post that on Flickr later.
Dance your cares away
Dance your cares away 2
Dance your cares away 3

I have to say that the v7 dance by Craig Altman is probably the best dance out there. The eye contact between the avatars is very nice and makes for nice pics 🙂 . Now if Rav can take off them sunglasses !!! 🙂