Sorry if my post is a bit late but my cold is still in full force and I am either burning up or sweating like crazy. (((Shiver))). So far I would have to say that this blogger party was among the best. The games were fun, the props a blast and the good company was surely evident.

Tymmerie made this a family event with the addition of a prim baby:
Baby Wrestling

Poor Willow was gonna get slobbered!

Several people got lucky <wink>

Crap gets Vint:
oh baby oh baby

And Rosie gets a Neko:
Rosie Is Victorious

Ever expanding his portfolio of odd dances we see Crap doing this:
deer dancing

Mmmmm, I got all tuckered out and had to crash for a while:

Tymmerie, Jerremy, well done! It was a great atmosphere for a party and my fellow bloggers were awesome. I can’t wait for the next event!