Intrigued by Zoe Connolly’s post on her new aircraft I decide to check out the sim to see what other aircraft are available. A nice big airfield with all sorts of aircraft present was what I found. Sadly it was only one sim, a void sim or two would be nice for the pilots! While the planes were interesting the greenery off in the distance caught my eye. on closer inspection I see it is a memorial park dedicated to Mannie Madonna. Mannie was well known for his large, drivable and live aboard yachts. Mannie sadly passed away a few months ago 😦
Mannie's Park sign

The park is pretty extensive covering nearly 3/4 of one side of the sim
mannie's parkNatural beauty in the Mannie Park

Lots of pose balls to be found so I called Rav over to pose with me. He’s such a compliant guy around the gals <wink>.
In Rav's arms

More below the fold….

Pose with Rav 1on a swing with Rav

The boy needs to smile more I think 🙂

He had to go so I took a few more snaps. Below are a few I messed around with in Picasa:
My Blue World

The entire set can be found here:

The sim can be found here :