As many of you know I am not a very sexual person in SL. I don’t have a partner, date, cyber, or dance with partners. It’s just the way I choose to be in SL. I often find myself in situations in SL and outside of SL (like Plurk)  where I feel a bit uneasy or simply out of place. That being said I do like to look good and present myself as someone who is attractive and fun to be around.

When news of Codie’s sim opening party made the rounds I was in a bit of a quandry. I hesitated applying for a “press pass” and being a DJ, ultimately waiting until the last minute for a CodeRed invite. You see, it feels like I don’t really fit in with her crowd as I don’t partake in a lot of the activities they do. Codie and some of her friends are very flirtatious and amorous. The RL me would turn beet red if I were to be a recipient of that. And I couldn’t really give back either for the same reason (plus the RL spouse would strenously object!). Still, I do admire her for the things she has accomplished in SL. I know she is also a very kind and generous soul too, perhaps that is what draws me too her despite my awkwardness.

Anyways, I went and had some fun. Harper blew up Stephen Venkman, I was impressed with Eshi’s work on the sim. and saw Zoe pole dance!

My Flickr set is here:

Here’s Steve before he blew up!
Stephen Venkman

Zoe Connolly on a pole:
Zoe on the pole

Argent and Vidal, You know, Vidal reminds me of the marionettes from the Thunerbirds series:
Argent and Vidal - 2


P.S. : Oh, I didn’t snap a pic of it, but there was something embedded into the hillside with a giant doobie stuck in it. Until I zoomed way out did I see it was supposed to represent Codie’s lips and not her hoo-haw. Why she’d ever stick one in her hoo-haw I don’t know, but for all I know it could have been a tribute to Tijuana 🙂 .