I am what I am and that’s all that I am (Popeye)

In SL we all have reputations. Some good some bad. Good and bad are relative terms in that certain traits will get you far in some areas and stop you in others. Lately I’ve been called out for being pushy, egotistical, and being the center of attention. Certainly being called that makes one pause for a moment and question their own behaviors. I began to think things out and try to identify why they would say that.

What I came away with was that I was being told to shut up and tone down. Being told to shut up doesn’t sit too well with me. Toning down, well what am  I to do? Dress like a nun? Sit in the corner? Abandon some of my interest? I don’t think so. Not going to happen. Period.

I am not mean, I do not stab friends in the back, I do not betray my friends and abandon them. I do have my own interest and I vigorously pursue and promote them. From Flickr pools, Music, Web 2.0 sites, and SL groups I have my hand in a lot of things. I am friends with many,many people with similar interest. Many are well known and many are obscure but incredibly fascinating. I’d never be where I am now by being a conforming wallflower. If my personality offends or rubs you the wrong way I am sorry. For everyone I may irk there are others who like me just the way I am. And I like who I am which is the most important thing.

Pffft, some people complain that I have so many pics of myself on Flickr. Get over it.
Self Potrait 23 June 2008