Wow, what can I say about the launch of the Rouge sim! I’ve been to a lot of parties, launches, and special events in SL, but this one took the cake. It is certainly a tribute to the popularity of Codebastard Redgrave and her retinue of friends and fans that the event was so well attended. At one point I counted 86 people in her Class-5 sim at the peak of attendance.

Attending was a veritable who’s who of the SL BLogging, twittering, media and plurking spheres. Here’s a few who attended:

Paisley Beebe
Paisley on the Pole
Rosie Barthelmess
Rosie Bear!
Crap Mariner
Crap on the pole
Roslin Petion and Dakota Buck
Roslin Petion and Dakota Buck
And an artsy fartsy pic of me 🙂
Black is Black, I want my baby back