When the darkness passed Go’s eyed were dazzled by the brightness and she quickly closed her eyes, placing her hands over her face. Slowly she opened them, flinchingly at first and peeked through her fingers. So bright! Whites, yellows, greens, grays and blues. Her eyes slowly adjusted and she slowly turned her head right and left. My God, it was so unreal. The brightness was spectacular and the colors so vivid and yet so muted. Hyper-realistic. She was in a small one story structure open on one side with small metal boxes embedded in the opposite wall. Mail boxes? Yes, mail boxes. The air stirred and suddenly she felt a chill.

Oh My Goodness it was cold! She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself in an effort to keep warm. She turned around and walked towards the opening to get an idea where she was. Oh, the sky was so bright! What setting was this sim on? Fine Day? Turning left she could see a wide road with houses on either side. 2048 Sq Meter parcels maybe? Turning left she saw a service road and that was paralleled by a busy highway with vehicles. Funny, the cars and trucks moved so smoothly and for the whole length of the road she no sign of a sim crossing. No dips or wrecks or cars flying off into the air. In fact it seemed she could see for several sims away.

“Wow, it is like I can see well over 512 meters” she thought. She saw mountains that were in fact well over 4000 meters away. Whoa, was this a new viewer? Maybe a super sized sim of some sort? She shivered strongly. She looked at her arms and they were bumpy! She “looked” at her inventory and selected a long sleeved sweater. To an outside observer it would have appeared that her greenish tank top slowly morphed into bright blue, long sleeved sweater. Shoes, my feet are cold, she thought. A pair of black tennis shoes appeared on her feet, followed up with a pair of white socks for good measure.

Having taken in her environment and satisfying her creature comfort needs she began to ponder where she was. Map, map, that will help me, she murmured to herself. Hard as she tried she could not bring up a map, but a red beacon pole became obvious off to her left. If I can’t map I can’t teleport, maybe I can…. , nope, no flying allowed. “Got to hoof it”, she conceded.

She turned left and walked down the road, keeping to one side. SL drivers were the worst. Never can tell when they’ll lag out of control. Wait… Where are my HUDs?, she wondered. She closed her brown eyes and slowly opened them again. No, HUDs were still gone. Her Friends! Where was her list??? She tried hard, but could not visualize her friends list. Was this some sort of Open Sim? She looked at herself again and concluded that if it was then it was not one she had experienced before. This was her favorite Nora skin, ETD pants and oh, Ginny Talamasca Wrap Sweater (royal). Even this Bad@zz lily tattoo on her left breast was here. I am either on a new grid (IBM maybe?) or some obscure part of the main grid. At least I have my stuff.

At 250 meters she stopped, looking for obvious signs of a sim boundary, but the world looked seamless. Slowly she preceded and felt nothing as she walked the extra 6 meters towards the presumed sim boundary. She heard a noise and looked over her shoulder. A small yellow jeep came towards her and quickly passed her on the road. Without the slightest jerk or dip into the ground the vehicle passed and turned right at a stop sign.

The red beacon was off to her right so she decided to turn right at the stop sign where the jeep did. Her feet were getting a little uncomfortable; She hadn’t walked this far in a long time. When you can TP or fly, why walk?

Looking down she noticed the grass for the first time. Would you look at that!, she gasped to herself. How many prims did it take to do a whole yard? These were no particles or temp rezz grass, each leaf was a solid entity. All sorts of lengths and shapes and colors. Browns, greens, a few yellow ones. Not only grass but weeds and dandelions too. She stooped down and pulled out a dandelion plant. Why? She didn’t know why, she was just curious. Out it came with about 4 inches of root too. There has to be well over 200 prims for this plant, she thought. And the dirt? Not particles for sure, it was infinitely tiny pieces, prims.

“Amazing! What detail! This sim most be hosted on a super computer of some sort.” So far she had yet to see any water on her short trip. That was truly odd. Landlocked sims were rare indeed and at the edge of every sim or estate was a wide ocean.

Go came to another 3 way intersection and looked right. The beacon was parked right over a two story brick house. It was oddly familiar, but not in a discomforting way. Home, it felt like home. A smile spread across her scarlet lips and she quickened her pace. Every step brought her closer to the front door. Every step brought a stronger feeling of HOME!! She could sense more about the place, feelings, sounds, sights, music. She’d never been here before but she knew it. Knew it well. She cut across the yard and walked up to the front door.

She had her first feelings of doubt, fear. “I have no idea where I am, yet I am so eager to come to his house and knock on the door. Am I nuts?” She turned around and looked out at the cul de sac the house was in and felt very alone. She turned towards the door and felt comforted again, the fear evaporating away.

She summoned her courage and pressed the doorbell….