Just pondering a possible move to Nowhereville next month. Right now I hang with the Benthams on the mainland. I saw where Crap Mariner announced some vacancies on the island and I put my two cents in. We’ll see what comes up. Perhaps me and Rav will move the KONA Radio studios here.

Oh, on a funny note I had a classic comedy moment at Blue Heron last night. An artist by the name of FunkyFreddy was playing and his voice caught my ear, it was so familiar. “Hello, McFly!” came to mind. He sounded like Crispin Glover! On a lark I shouted out’ “Hey! say this: Hey You! Get your damn hands off her!” … He said it over the stream! OMG, so funny. Frogg Marlowe IMed me and said he got the joke. 🙂
Kinda nice to knock one over the fence.