Hmmm, seems I am considered a celebrity of sort in SL as I have been asked to join the RFL Kart race Saturday afternoon. Oh maybe it’s the name? They really should ask Turbo Racecourse since her name sounds even faster than mine! Even though I am named after the cartoon character I am not that big a fan of vehicle races in SL. Face it, vehicluar activities suck if you cross sim boundaries. Fortuantely the track we are racing on is enclosed in one sim so that problem is not present.

Here’s my wheels for the race:
Vroom.... number 51

Crap Mariner showed up at the same time and we both took several laps around the track to get used to it.
Crap's wheels
Me and Crap watch the other racers - 2

Hope I don’t get smeared against the outer wall. 😦

Thankfully I do have some sources of inspiration for racing:

Dick Dastardly, Muttley, and Penelope Pitstop:

Vrooom!!!! See me race Saturday at 5pm SLT here: