Two recent post caught my eye today dealing with celebrities and Second Life. Chestnut’s and Kate’s thoughts made me think about it some and prompted me to say a few things about it. In Second Life Celebrityhood is a fairly relative thing. Some are well known for their in world prowess at building,scripting, and marketing savvy. Some are artist while some are well known for their opinions. And yet are known for what they do outside of SL that reflects back on their experinces in SL.

I have remarked many a time on how accessible SL “celebrities” are to the average SL user. SL is like a large town or small city where it is possible on any given day to run into the mayor, sheriff, newspaper reoprter, tavern owner, etc.. and it’s really no big deal. In Second Life I have met a Lindens, Prokofy, Codie, Kate Amdahl, Crap Mariner, Paisley Beebe, Mygdala March, and so many other well known SL’ers. Some of them I had preconceived notions about from their blog posts, like Mygdala. I always pictured her to be much like the character she portrays in her blog; tough, edgy, and dominating. While she may have a tough side she is in reality a nice person to be around, kind, thoughtful, and pleasant. Sorry Myg, don’t mean to ruin your reputation 😛 . On the other hand Crap is exactly like you expect him to be. Humorous, generous, and an iconoclast. Crap has to be one of the most honorable and loyal person I have ever met in SL to date. He’s 100% real with 0% BS and 0% Drama. In both cases they are pretty ordinary in RL, but SL gives them a way to realize some of their potential to shine.

I remember a while ago I was chatting with Paisley Beebe one day and I invite Chestnut over to join us. Ches was a little bit taken aback by her presence at first. But I told her it’s no big deal, Paisley is just like us, she just pursues interests in SL that puts her name out there and garners her attention.

I have been on the receiving end of celebrity hood too. My Flickr stream and my blog has a following that for some reason impresses some people. Pffft, my blog is pretty simple. It’s like a Neanderthal painting a cave wall, some random grunting and pretty colors on the wall  OK, I do like some of the attention, but hey, I’m just a regular person who enjoys meeting people who like my pictures and writings.

P.S. I will return to my story soon, been very busy lately in RL. Prelude & Chapter 1