Please Read the Prelude and Chapter 1 first

It was like any Saturday morning in our home. I awoke and rolled over to
see my alarm clock; 7:30AM. Rolling over the other way and I saw my
wife was still peacefully asleep. I slid out of bed and quietly dressed.
I didn’t want to wake her as she had been up late the night before
working on a project. Going out into the hallway I checked on my
daughter to see if she was awake. I heard the TV in the family room and
I knew  she was awake.

“Hi Sarah! Did you have breakfast?”

“Yes Dad, I had waffles and milk.”

“Did you clean up? I see a plate laying out….. put it away, the glass
too Sarah.” I intoned.

“Oh, OK!”, she whined, stalking off to the table to put away her dirty

Disney channel, bleh. Lot of mind numbing stuff on that channel. I
grabbed the remote and changed the channel to the Science Channel. How
Things Are Made. She loves that show, so do I.

I sat down with my daughter and watched the show with her. My wife woke
up maybe 30 minutes later, walking down the curved steps into the
foyer. I stood up and walked over to her, gave her a hug and a kiss good

“Going back to your project?”, I asked.

“Yes, I need to finalize all those documents before Kev can proceed.”

“Can I get you something for breakfast?”

“Sure, make me some grits.”

I made the grits for her and toasted a bagel for myself and commandeered
the TV from my child again. Ahh, the latest episodes of Dr Who and
Stargate Atlantis were recorded the night before. Against the
protestations of my daughter I began watching Stargate. A few minutes
into the  episode the doorbell rang.

Sarah bolted to the door and looked out the side window. Instead of
shouting the name of the person at the door, she was quiet and had a
puzzled look on her face. I quickly glanced out the window and saw a
short black woman and assumed it was our neighbor Eugena. I unlocked the
door, opened it and began to greet our visitor. In a split second there
was a flash of recognition. This was not our neighbor, she was much
younger, say maybe 26 years old. Her eyes were big and brown. Her face
was round with a delicate chin cheekbones. The lips were full and red
and she wore dark eyeshadow. I began to ask myself, where have I seen
her before when she broke into a large smile, opened her arms and came
forward to embrace me.

The hug and flurry of kisses on the cheek caught me by surprise and I
began to pull back to distance myself from her. It was then I noticed
she  had on a low cut sweater that seemed to cling to her skin and I
blushed in embarrassment. Suddenly Sarah shouted; “GoSpeed!, It’s
GoSpeed!”. I  was about to tell Sarah to stop shouting when I noticed
the reddish lily tattoo on her left bosom. Like a jolt of electricity I
knew it was  her! But, but how? By now my wife had left her desk and was
standing in the foyer with a “what the heck is going on and why is that
woman  hanging off of you” look. I shot back a look that replied  I didn’t really
know and I asked the woman, “Who are you?”. She did not speak but when
my  daughter said GoSpeed again she smiled, pointed at Sarah and shook
her head yes. My wife was again asking who she was and what was going on
wen  GoSpeed left me and embraced my wife, planting a big kiss on each

Needless to say we were a bit bewildered while our daughter was ecstatic.
For a few awkward moments the four of us stood there, GoSpeed smiling,
Sarah jumping up and down, and me and the wife trading looks with one
another. I decided that we needed to sit down and talk this out
with our guest. I closed the door on the cool April morning air and
gestured everyone into the family room. “Sarah, turn off the TV.”,I
Go (GoSpeed) sat on the end of the couch and I sat on the other end as
my wife sat in a recliner across from us.

“So, umm, who are you now? You do look familar”, I said

She just smiled and began to make typing gestures with her hands, looked
at them and stopped. She furled her brow, looked at our daughter who
was now standing in front of Go,and pointed at her. At that Sarah said
“It’s GoSpeed!. GoSpeed Racer!”. Go smiled, pointed at herself and shook
her head yes as if to agree. It was at that point my wife began to
recognize who she resembled and her jaw dropped a little. I was still
confused. Yes, she looked very much like GoSpeed, but come on, this was
a real person in front of us. She even makes a dent in the cou…ch.
Umm, just barely. She looked to be 5ft 6 inches tall and about 120 lbs,
but she didn’t sink far into the cushions of the couch. Odd, odd

“Can you talk?”

She was quiet for a moment, looked at her hands and shook her head no.

“Are you deaf? Are you reading my lips?”

She shook her head no, again.

“You’re mute”

She considered that for a moment and shook her head yes and for the
first time had a sad expression on her face.

I looked over at my wife and I couldn’t quite decipher her expression. I
suppose she was like me, feeling as if we were in a Twilight Zone
episode. Even though this was quite weird to us a small part of us had
doubts. I mean seriously, GoSpeed was just some avatar from Second Life.
Not real in the physical sense. Somebody was playing a trick on me. But
what a hell of a trick to find a woman who looked like GoSpeed.
Glancing over at my wife I saw too that the original shock and confusion
had shifted to that of skepticism with her left eyebrow lifted up like
a Vulcan. What we saw next defied belief…

Go was tugging at her top as if it was itching her while sitting down at
the couch. It was a crisp 55 degrees outside compared to a warm 71
inside. No doubt she felt a bit warm. Her fuzzy, blue sweater seemed to
defocus before our eyes and nearly disappear. Unsurprisingly she did
not have a bra on and for a second or two we had a sneak peek at her,
ummm, cookies. A light green colored blur covered her torso and it
slowly  materialized itself into a light green t-shirt, also very clingy.

All four of us sat quiet for a few moments. Me and my wife had our
mouths open in disbelief while our daughter was pointing at her shirt,
also  stunned. Go looked around with an expression that seemed to ask
“What? What’s the big deal?”. In that moment our world changed. We
looked at  each other again and realized that one of the most unlikely
things ever to occur, just happened. An avatar came to life and walked
into our  home. Say hello to your alter-ego……………