Catching up

OK, I’ve been falling behind on my posting. What with RL work and the time I put into my GoSpeed RL story I’ve neglected to post about what else has happened the past week or so. Starting from old to new here we go:

Eshi’s build from 19 July 2008:
Eshi and her tower of flower power

A big,tall, beautiful flower tower 🙂

ABBA Poses for a Poco Loco photo shoot. She’s the blue eyed mouse…
Loco Poco picture shoot 2

The Celebrity Go-Kart race for SLCN.TV and RFL
Starting gate 2

I don’t know who won the race as we all had too much fun. Afterward I kinda started a firefight of monsterous proportions that even Paisley Beebe got involved in:
It only got worse

I got my own blimp…
Rounding the Botgirl tower

I blowed up Dita Tran real good with a Humbug:-P
Dita Loves my candy!

Eshi Otawara builds yet another tower of flowers:
Eshi's build 22 July 2008-2

I take yet another tour of the SS Galaxy. This time I fly my blimp 🙂
Galaxy Blimp tour 5

Lastly I revisit the Yamato in Japan sim and see it has grown tremendously in size. From 1 to 5 sims!
The Yamato sim grows!

The four new ones are still closed 😦

BYE BYE for now!
Dancing to TheDiva's tunes