I’ve been a terrible person the past 24 hours. I stirred up a sh*tstorm of unnecessary drama and strife that I did not intend. I had a conversation with 3 people last night about similar subjects. Based on what they said and my past with them I de-friended 2 and kept one. Sadly the one I “kept” read a Plurk of mine and thought I was referring to her. It got pretty nasty after that with that person identifying themselves (I’ve since deleted both Plurks) and publicly expressing contempt towards me.

It was wrong for me to broadcast information that could have been misinterpreted. It was also wrong to lash out at the now ex friend who was no doubt hurt by what she thought I said about her. It’s really too late I guess, but I am sorry.

Heed this warning, it’s often best to keep your big mouth shut when you are angry and are in front of an audience.

Resting on my roll ups