Most all of us have done this, a noob stumbles onto your doorstep and you offer your house, your inventory, your knowledge and sometimes your heart to them. In my time in SL I have mentored many noobies new to SL with varying degrees of success. Some disappeared after a few days after being so overwhelmed or turned off by what they saw. A few drifted off and found their niche in places I didn’t care to go. Some of them became fast friends I treasure having to this day. Too many it seems turned on me after using my generosity, spitting in my face and mocking my hurt. Such is life in SL if you dare let someone into your heart. For every bad egg, lost soul or quitter there’s always a few who shine through and go on to be model citizens and special friends.

My recent drought of noobs to mentor ended Sunday night at the KONA Radio Sunday Dinner. A red haired female landed on the pier and stumbled up the ramp to the picnic tables. “Thalia” was an interesting noob who signed up for SL in May 2007, but gave up after a few days and didn’t bother to log in until this past Sunday night. She arrived inworld in the same place she logged out of over a year ago. I gave her some clothes, skins,landmarks and then friended her. After the dinner I invited her over to Paisley’s talk show. I thnk she had a really great time. Sitting in the audience of a talk show in a virtual owrld was a bit mind blowing for her and excited her too. Last night I met her again, now fully skined and clothed from freebies she picked up during the day. Did I mention she’s a fast learner? I invited her over to the Open Mic at the Lonely Yak Club and she again had a great time.

Thalia, GoSpeed and Ravishal

I have high hopes for Thalia, she’s smart, eager to learn and she seems a very nice person. Have you friended any noobs lately?