Chapter 3 The Lights are Still On

Changing clothes left her feeling chilled. That was only the beginning of her odd sensations. Everybody looked so weird, yet so real. Too real it seems. Like a straight line in a bowl of spaghetti. The analogy mad GoSpeed giggle a little. Of course they are too real, they were real. The source, the originators, the users.  She’d heard his voice before as it had on rare occasions come out of her. Iza’s she knew well too, but Sarah was a new one to her. Wait something was wrong, they were quiet, staring at her, mouths agape.

… I sat forward, raising my eyebrows looking at everyone with a “what’s wrong look”. My mouth moved as if to speak but nothing happened. I raised my hands… oh right, that won’t work. They pointed at me, my shirt, my pants, my shoes. Oh, my clothes. I only changed clothes. What’s so odd about that? It was then I noticed Sarah taking off her shoes. Whoa, she removed them! They didn’t disappear! Looking at the floor I could see that would be a problem as I saw some of her clothing and toys scattered about.

They began to speak again asking me what I did. I just shrugged, tugging at my clothes and shooting a look and smile as if to say, “What, these old things?” Rav, well that’s what I’ll call him, touched my arm and tugged on the end of my sleeve. I grinned and shook his hand. Glad to meet ya too! Hmm, strong yet soft. Warm too. His hand was warm, but so was my backside where my legs, bottom and back touched the couch. My clothes itched a little bit too. Oh, my feet were feeling sore. Warm, itchy, sore. I know what the words mean, but… I think this is the first time I’ve ever felt it. Feelings, sensations. I’ve NEVER had those on the grid. The grid, I am off the grid!

I grasped Rav’s hand tighter with both hands feeling like I was going to fall off the face of the world. Panic! Fear! Suddenly a funny noise erupted erupted erupted from my midsection. I stopped,on the verge of tears and waited. What now??? I could feel it as much as hear it. Right above my belly button I felt my insides quiver and low grumble issued forth. I couldn’t help it, I laughed, and laughed at that ridiculous noise. The tears that fell were tears of laughter. I pointed at Rav, who was now smiling with me and shot him a half accusing look “Did you make me do that?”. Rav caught the meaning and shook his head no, smirking a little bit as if he wished he did.

Iza piped up and said that I must be hungry and got up to go to a door in the wall. She opened it and withdrew a foil package from a shelf. She handed it to me and sat back down across from me. I looked at the package. What the hell was it? Peanut Butter something. Granola. What the hell is Granola and what is this hungry? I looked around and shrugged my shoulders as if to say “What next?” Sarah came forward and offered to open it and I gave it to her. As she fought to open the package I noticed something else was wrong, it was still daylight. In fact it seemed like time hadn’t moved much at all. I saw a clock on the wall and saw it was still morning?!?! Night, I wished it was night…. waiting… no sun is still out. Guess I can’t change everything. I was getting so tired and annoyed. I wanted to talk to them but couldn’t and, and, and… I was getting sleepy…

GoSpeed leaned back on the couch and was fast asleep.