our Lens – our Mirror, originally uploaded by GoSpeed_Racer.

I had a nice chat with Botgirl this morning about self exploration and creativity in SL. I believe that SL is just another way to view the human condition. Wherever humanity goes its attendant positives and negatives follow us. Is SL a mirror of our real lives? Almost. When we examine ourselves it’s like using a lens on a microscope or an movie projector. SL is like a filter we use on that lens and our condition is altered by that filter. No matter how the world appears and no matter how we project ourselves there it’s basically everything you experience in real life. In SL you may be a different color or even sex but it is nothing overly profound. What is profound is the discovery process that around every corner there will always be something very familiar. No utopias, no liberation from the conventional. It’s all been done before. But, until you experience it for yourself that means nothing. Discovery is enlightening, try it and broaden your mind!