This will be a picture based post, but then aren’t most of mine? 🙂

With the addition of two voids (open Space sims) sailing has become a bit easier to accomplish in the now 7 island continent ( which I like to call Edlovia ). The new voids; Harbour owned by Feline Slade, and Meta Magic Studio owned by Banana Stein. The best travel is Harbour, the channel between Edloe and Woodbridge, the channel between Nowhereville and Los Arboles, and Meta Magic Studio. The other waters are a bit tight and hard to maneuver with a sailboat. A motorboat will fare better though.

Sailing between Nowhereville and Los Arboles

Meta Magic Studio sail by

Threading the bridge!
A tight fit!

Made it!
made it

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In Nowhereville bay
In Nowhereville bay

Here are some other recent pics I’ve taken

Izabella Bentham; VP of marketing for Rosewood Estates
Izabella on the beach.- 3jpg

This cake went right to my ass, or was it the other way around?
This cake went right to my ass or was it the other way around?

The Usual Gang of Suspects at the Metanomics show
Me and the usual gang of suspects @ metanomics

Star Trekkin’ across the universe….
Lt Commander GoSpeed of the USS KONA

The Border Crossing of Death!
Crash landing

Mainland YAY!
Looking at mainland - behind me

Mainland NAY!
Mainland, How lovely, NOT

That’s all folks!