To the point, I am not your mother. I am not your keeper. I do not tell you how to live, think or feel. I do not expect you to do the same to me. I’ll do my best to understand you and accommodate you the best I can. If you are attacked directly I will raise a shield to protect you. One thing I cannot protect is your sensibilities. If I suspect something may offend you I’ll try to steer clear, but don’t depend on me to clear all the obstacles in your way. You, my friend, have offended me on occasion but I did not forsake you. I learned why I was offended and either spoke to you or dealt with it on my own. If my other friends offend you I am sorry. I never put my friends on a leash. If they bite you I’ll spank them. But if they bark I won’t raise a hand to quell your righteous indignation. Especially if you vent your fury at me and not at the person who offended you.

If all we did was cut off the heads off those who didn’t fight our battles we’d have no friends:
Go on the block - big
Nor should we sacrifice someone who is not popular with all our friends:
Crap on the block-big

I will defend you to no end to be what you want to be, don’t ask me to destroy others for you. Words will only hurt you if you let them. Recognize that and you’ll have a lot less drama in your SLife.