You are not imposing, really

I feel it’s time to finally get something off my chest. As many of you know I am a DJ for KONA Radio and I play gigs all over the place. Some are paid gigs, some are cross promotional and some are just as a favor. The first two are business, the last is something I do for good friends. If a friend has a party and they want to play music that is in our playlist I am more than happy to oblige. NO CHARGE. I often hear this “We didn’t want to impose”. “We wanted you to have fun”.

First of all you are not imposing. Period. My passion is my music. It is what I do. Do not for one second think I would forgo the opportunity to share my music with you. Secondly DJing is fun to me, it is not work. If you are concerned that I won’t socialize enough then the easy thing for me to do is to create a 2 hour playlist and let it run automatically. If you want to guarantee that I will not have fun, or even leave then do this: Hire a DJ who plays music I have and  pay them  (Bonus if they suck at what they do). I speak for Ravishal on this too. Our friends are not a chore and neither is our desire to share our music. Please keep that in mind.

We don't mind. It is fun for us.