Now live and direct from Nowhereville

After waiting 6 weeks wondering if I’ll ever be selected to live there I finally got the tap on the shoulder from Crap Mariner that a parcel was waiting for me in Nowhereville. First things first was to get a home and then fill it up. A trip to “Homes By Isabel” proved to be productive as I found this beauty:
The new homestead

Of course Crap pulled a prank and put an SL Live Radio poster on the house. Rav took it down and burned it.
Burning the poster
Sorry Cher! No offense!

We wasted no time breaking in ABBA as our receptionist. Poor gal needs more training. She’s trying to write without a pencil or paper:
ABBA lost her pencil

Good help is so hard to find. <sigh>

Me and Rav have been furnishing the house together. Rav opted for one of those fancy multipose couches. There were problems with it at first. Seems LL borked one of the scripts, but the creator was able to come up with a fix expeditiously. This doesn’t bode well I think. What with Ravishal “on the market” and a functioning cuddle couch I might come home one night to a shuttered house and a sweater tied to the door.
The couch scripts have been fixed

That’s OK, I could crash at beladona’s, Madisons, or Nika’s place for a while.
Nika DreamscapeAt Madison's place

I predict we’ll have a blast living here. Crap Mariner as the landlord, Martians across the strait, podcasters for neighbors, and creative wizards like Banana Stein and Dedric Mauriac in the neighborhood. What a hell of a mix!