Again another week or so goes by so packed with events I fall behind in my blogging. Below is a collection of pics outlining what I’ve been up to:

Me and Rav settle into Nowhereville

Looking towards Los Arboles

I get described as a self promoting whore in Plurk, which is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black:

Self Promoting Whore!

I crash, or rather Honour McMillan crashes a blimp into the Clocktower. Silly Canadians 😛

The SLindenburg has landed

I get to feel like Prisoner #6!

I can haz The Prisoner uniform

Nowhereville floods and I chase looters off my land. GET OFF MY LAKE!

Get Off My Lake!

Pirate Party, YAY!

Ready for the pirate party-3

DJing at Extropia!

DJing at Extropia

A Divorce part between Hope Clary and Stuart Warf

Divorce Party-2

Fun with FD Flickrtoys

More pirates, arrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!
Aribella, Rav, GoSpeed, & Eli

Say what you will about Prokofy, but he cuts a dashing figure.
Prokofy Neva

A random pose and a bit of photo manipulation yields this picture:
LaDonna Upshaw at Sweet Romance Furniture

Botgirl transforms my avatar’s appearance:
Botgirl and my transformed avatar

and I get frisky with her cuddle bot/ALT 🙂
Magic is such a cheeky bot

SO much going on and I have little time to write about it, but I do document with pictures. I hope you enjoy them!