Chapter 6 – Dreams

Mr Moonlight

To say that any of us slept that night would be a mistake. Me and my wife were coming to terms with who and what our new guest was. We agreed that the weird things we saw simply could not be done with any known science or parlor trick illusions. We wondered how she came to be. People simply do not spontaneously appear out of thin air and greet you as their creator. The only thing that came to mind was Douglas Adams’ Infinite Improbability Drive. In the Hitch-hiker novels he wrote that whenever the drive was used seemingly impossible things appeared, like 10,000 Monkeys drafting a screenplay on typewrtiers, or a Sperm whale appearing above the surface of a planet. In our case a 20-something year old black woman conceived in a virtual world knocked on my door. What if something somewhere caused a similar effect? I created her avatar but I sure didn’t have the power to bring her to life. I chuckled as I thought of that movie, Weird Science. Thank god my RL brother wasn’t anything like Chet! After a while we succumbed to our exhaustion and drifted off to sleep. I don’t remember dreaming, but I was to be awaken later that night in an interesting manner.

GoSpeed slept peacefully at first, but after a time she began to stir. She was dreaming again, this time the dreams were more vivid….

I was falling, arms and legs akimbo as if falling from a platform several hundred meters up. Fly, Fly FLY!!! Finally I was able to hover gracefully, arms flapping gently as if they alone held me up. I was back on the grid, but not really. It didn’t feel quite right as I could actually feel air moving around me. The sun was very warm too. I slowly drifted down to the ground doing a pirouette as I landed. This was Ahern,the welcome area. It was vacant, not a soul to be seen nor a single green dot on he minimap. I look at the Friends List, no one is online. I walk around a bit remembering my first few hours in SL. Slowly the scene dissolves before my very eyes and a big red barn materializes in front of me. I remember this place well indeed. I met some of my first friends here in Nantucket.I walk inside of the barn, peeking into the alcoves. Again like Ahern it’s devoid of people. I do see an empty Tako drift by sporting a green sail with a cartoon witch on it, bumping off the
docks, making scraping noises…

The scene changes again and I am a clubhouse on a hill. The smell of a roasting hot dog fills the air. Mmmmm, It makes me hungry. I walk towards the fireplace where a roasting hot dog on a stick is balanced above the fire. Suddenly, I hear wicked cackling laugh, no, 3 cackling laughs! “GoSpeed! We Love you! Ahaa haa haaa!!!!” Oh no! They’re after me! Haven’t they harmed me enough? Walking up the cobblestone path towards me are 3 ugly women, blonde, redhead and black haired. I close my eyes…. and I am somewhere else…

The sound of the surf, a large TV screen. Pictures adorn the wall and I hear music from a radio on the end table near my feet. Odd, there are three feet? I’m lying on someone, I can feel them breathing. A pair of arms hug me tight and a sweet voice says “Have a good nap baby?” I twist my head to see who was holding me. A beautful black woman with green eyes smiles at me and then kisses me on the cheek. I smile back at her and it fades to black…

I thought I was dreaming at first. A hand touched my cheek, then traced my jawline, and a soft fingertip traced my lips. I smiled thinking my wife was awake and touching my face. If I opened my eyes she might stop so I kept them closed, pretending to sleep. If she wanted to rouse me she’d need to get a little more provocative than that. A second hand joined the first, cradling my face. Her face came close to mine as I sensed her heat,her breath and smell. Soft lips pressed against mine. She began to kiss with more passion, parting my lips with hers. Wait… wait, something is not right, this isn’t my wife, she’s lying to my right and these lips are above me… I lift my hands up, cupping soft breast as I push this intruder away. The intruder makes a soft squeak sound and dashes out of the room. Shocked and then embarrassed as I realized who I
touched in a rather inappropriate manner. My wife stirs and asks me if I am alright. I tell her I am fine, I just had a weird dream. “Did it involve you kissing me? You were smooching me on the cheek a while ago.” I turn on my flashlight and notice red lipstick on her right cheek. I wipe it away and explain that I left a little toothpaste on her cheek. She gives me a dirty look about that as I apologize for being such a slob. I put on a pair of sweat pants and go to GoSpeed’s room. I crack open the door, peer inside and see she is asleep. Uh-huh, Right, you’re sleeping alright. I wonder if she was sleep walking. I close the door and head back to bed. We’ll have to have a talk with Go in the morning about this…….