The Week in Pictures 17 October 2008

Another full week for me! First up was Razzap Snookums Rez day last Saturday:
Razzap's Rez Day - 8

Razzap's Rez Day - 4

My friend Shui comes to visit:
an armful of love
Shui is a very talented artist on Flickr: (NSFW)

I took some pictures for Shinigami Kayo, a fellow blogger:
Shinigami Kayo photo shoot - 5

I try my hand at being a mermaid:
Mermaid GoSpeed

Everyone admires my landing skills!
precision landing

Double dates are fun. Me and Ranger went with Rav and Luna to hear TJ Oanomochi at the Brix Works:
Double Date - 1

Wednesday I DJed at the Clocktower and played all Motown music. It was a big hit!
Shockwave and Luna living it up

See you on the grid!
Lounging with Ranger