Sooner or later it had to happen

Untouched in Tempura

Ugliness…. it’s everywhere. I’ve been wearing an ebony skin since March of 2007 and during that time I’ve faced virtually no form of discrimination. Apart from a few stupid “sun tan” jokes from the husband of a former friend nothing has been said or done to me that even smacks of racism. Second Life is a very accepting place and individuality and diversity in appearance is embraced to the fullest. But, festering beneath the surface of any community lurks the insecurities of weak individuals. When a person is lacking in the ability to properly socialize and interact with others on a level playing field he/she lashes out. It’s as if they think that diminishing others elevates them. Sorry fella, you’re just digging a deeper hole for your self.

Last night I was DJing at Fibber Magee’s in Dublin when a noobish looking lad with a nearly empty profile approached the stage and addressed me in a rude manner. Apparently he had an issue with a black skinned female DJing at an Irish pub. I muted him right away. His arms were flailing away as he began to berate me and the crowd roared at once for him to be ejected. I un-muted him and looked at the chat log. Seems the dimwit threw the N-Word at me. I immediately filed an Abuse Report and called in help. The “insect” was quickly ejected and banned from the sim by the Dublin staff. I want to thank Cliona, Cher, Emmie and Smitty for their support. They work hard to ensure Dublin runs smoothly and their prompt actions are a reflection of their dedication and professionalism.

That being said, if this happened in a free fire zone I have a lot of friends who would come to my defense, AFTER I am done with you.
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