Happy Frigging Rez day

What had been a fairly nice day went to sh*t within the space of 20 minutes. Somebody misunderstood something I said and preceded to tear me a new one. I asked what I could do to clear up the confusion but was met by silence. I did give a clarification that I hope would mollify the bad feelings I unintentionally created.I don’t know if it will help or not. It seems people will find fault with what you say and proceed to run with it reaching conclusions you never intended. If only they would come to me so I could explain.

Moments before that I overheard someone dear to me trash talk and belittle me to their friend. I was there for 10 minutes as I heard my name drug through the mud. I felt so betrayed by this. The trust is all but gone now.

So yeah, happy frigging rez day.