May we never forget

In memory of those who served
They gave their time, their loyalty, and some of them their very lives to protect us
Service Dress Blues

Never forget


After the past 24 hours I need to wash the stink of acrimony and hate that was blown my way. Being true to your convictions is the best defense against despair and malice. When you are in agreement nary a word is said and you are taken for granted. But, say something contrary or different than what is expected from the masses and this verse from a Billy Joel song becomes relevant:

Say a word out of line
And you’ll find out that the friends that you had
Are gone forever

“Hi, I am GoSpeed Racer. I have a blog. I express my opinions here and other places in the metaverse. If you disagree, that’s fine. If I can clarify what I mean, I will. However, If you want to yell, scream, insult, insinuate, or cast aspersions, feel free. It won’t matter a hill of beans. If you’re a relative stranger you can just get bent, but if you’re somewhat close to me then congratulations, you probably hurt my feelings. You would have gotten your digs in but you can only do so much damage before my heart numbs up to you. Have at it.”

The Spa is what I need