Chapter 7 – You got some ‘splainin’ to do!

Her senses came back slowly. The feel of the bed, blankets, clothing. The light penetrating her eyelids, demanding attention. She moved a leg and heard it whisper as it slid between the sheets. She felt warm and cozy and didn’t want to open her eyes. As she lay there she listened as birds twittered outside and a lawnmower droned off in the distance. Soon a new sensation began to make itself more prevalent as a tightness formed in her abdomen. “This isn’t good”, she thought to herself, “What does this feeling mean? Am I getting ill?” In a sudden flash it came to her. “I gotta go!”. She was confused as to what she was supposed to do until another insight painted a picture in her mind as to what her course of action should be. In a jerky motion she pulled back the covers, sat up and then kicked her legs off the bed. Brrr, it was a little chilly!  She stepped into the hallway and entered the bathroom….

GoSpeed left the bathroom, a bit shocked by what she had to do. She’d heard about it, but never had to releive herself before. Well, dummy, she thought, you’ve never eaten before either. She stood in the hallway now fully awake and energized. She looked at her room, looked at Sarah’s room, the foyer before her and then to the master bedroom on the right. She froze on the spot when half remembered dreams came back to her. The images were mostly from the grid, blocky, jerky, and full of mismatched textures. But one image stood out, it was from this place and it was “high defintion”. “Oh my, did I really do that?” She placed a hand over her mouth as if to stifle a gasp. She peaked into the bedroom and saw Iza and Rav still asleep. Yes, she did it and it didn’t feel right. She did something wrong. Why it felt wrong she couldn’t say.

Rav stirred, opened his eyes and looked at GoSpeed. By the look on his face the memory was still fresh in his mind. Go wanted to be invisible at that moment and slink away to a corner. Seeing her discomfort Rav softened his expression and motioned her to go back to her room. He quickly dressed himself and went to her room. “Let’s go downstairs and talk”, he said. Go followed him downstairs and they sat on the couch. As she nervously fidgeted on the couch Go powered up the laptop so she could type to Rav.

“So, did you sleep well?”  asked Rav.

Go shook her head no.

“I didn’t either.  Seems I had a visitor in my room last night who was rather affectionate.”

Go blushed, averted her eyes and looked down at the keyboard.

“Do you remember entering my room?”

She shook her head yes.

“Well I don’t know what it was all about but what you did was inapproprite. Not only kissing me but my wife!”

Go blushed even more and hung her head in embarrasment. “How could I do that? I’m such a weirdo!”, she thought.

“Now listen, I know your life on the grid was pretty carefree and liberal, but here in real life things are a bit more conservative. The consequences of your actions are a bit more unpleasant here.”

Go typed out “I am sorry. I don’t know what I was doing. I think I was sleep walking.”

“It’s OK, No major harm was done. But there may be hell to pay if Iza remembers it and takes offense. You know she says you’re my ‘kid’.” Rav smiled and continued, ” I’ll do what I can to teach you what you need to know to make it here.”  (Assuming she would stay a permanent feature here, she could just magically disappear as easily as he appeared).

Go relaxed and smiled, feeling a sense of relief. To her the past day was incredibly overwhelming.The world showed no signs of letting up with new discoveries and problems to overcome. Well, if she can go potty and not freak out then the rest can’t be too tough.

Rav saw her grin and guessed that he put her at ease. Looking at the clock he noticed it was 8AM and he was hungry.

“Are you hungry?

Yes! She shook her head vigorously.

“I’ll make some omlettes. Why don’t you rez some fresh clothes and come over and lend me a hand. I promise not to look!”

Go clapped her hands together and smiled brightly at the invitation. Cooking! This should be fun!……..