The Linden Mainland has miles and miles of open water, flat-open spaces and roads. Yet they universally all seem to be No Build. If you want to rez a boat, plane or car you have to find somebody that has allowed build on their parcel. That can be a challenge since it’s usually pounded into people’s heads to turn off build to prevent griefing. You could  join a group or club to access their parcel, but it may cost you rental fees. How hard would it be for the Lindens to allocate public access areas where vehicles can be rezzed, yet have auto return on to remove clutter say after 2-3 minutes? Has anyone ever asked this before???

No place to rez a boat

Here’s a nice spot on the Northwest corner of Bay City that would be great for such a spot. What with private vehicle themed estates facing an uncertain future the desire and necessity of using Linden water and roads will only increase over the next few month. Are you Lindens listening?